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FileDirector Scanstation

ScanStation basic

The user in focus

This easy-to-use-concept starts with the first user contact. Simply log-in with an RFID card and 4 digit numbers.

File Director Scan Station AMT user interfaceInspired by ATM user-interfaces.

Nearly everyone can operate an ATM.
This has been the model when designing the user interface and handling scan jobs in FileDirector ScanStaion.

Don’t worry about resoluion, duplex scan or modes — just press the bu*on of the scan job you want to do.

Save all in one click

Thanks to its smart built-in features and design for touch screens, it is as simple as it sounds.

FileDirector ScanStation immediately shows the scan-jobs, the logged-in user needs. All shown by large and clear function buttons.


  • Designed for touch screens
  • Pre-definable scan jobs
  • Scan to FileDirector
  • Scan to folder
  • Scan to FTP
  • Scan to SharePoint

ScanStation in Educational Sector

60 minutes for a student

We can‘t change it that it takes 60 minutes for a student to take an exam but we can change that it takes days grading these exams.

1 click for a teacher

Using FileDirector ScanSta on with ist Optical Mark Recognition feature it is done within a few minutes.

Teacher walks-up to FileDirector ScanStation, authenticates, click on ‚Multiple Choice‘ button and feeds exam documents in scanner.


Documents are auto-split, auto-saved and automatically graded within pre-set rules and parameters. Any exeptions are highlighted for manual correction.

  • Op cal Mark Recogni on (OMR)
  • No special pens, ink or paper required
  • Auto-split, auto-saved and automa cally graded
  • Within pre-set rules and parameters
  • Exceptions are highlighted for manual corrections

ScanStation Advanced for Passports

A simple task

The task itself really sounds simple — copy one ID document on a single page.

Have you ever tried it yourself — with an MFP you use only now and then? How many attempts did it take having a twosided ID document copied onto one page?

Eye contact with your customer

Using FileDirector ScanStation you do not have to leave the counter, going to an MPF hidden somewhere in the office.

Imagine a FileDirector ScanStation with a PC integrated in a touch screen, which is connected to the scanner.

Just put the Identity Document in the scanner select then “Identity Documents“ button.

ScanStation automatically fits both sides of the Identity Document on a single page — in original size.

Real-Time web services

You know immediately outcome of verification. The FileDirector ScanStation processes ID, collects metadata and the Identity Document can be confirmed via web service.



  • Clerk knows immediately outcome of verification
  • Identity Document can be confirmed via web service
  • True copy attestation included with audit trail

BAS-SOL is a boutique accounting practice located in Claremont Western Australia. We have been using FileDirector for over 5 years and last year upgraded to the OCR function. The ability to scan all of our clients paperwork and search for information with either a word search, ABN or Tax File Number has proved invaluable in time saving , efficiency and definitely space saving. No more archive boxes stored off site. The system is easy to use both for scanning and retrieval of information which can be accessed on all of our staff’s desktops. We would not chose to operate without FileDirector

Rosie Davidson / Director