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Electronic Management Solution

The ECM Solution

The benefits of an intelligent electronic content management solution are self‐evident if you think, for instance, of the improved efficiency: documents are located, stored and distributed more quickly. What’s more, staff do not waste time or money on duplicating or sending round documents. Digitising avoids all these unnecessary steps and gives your staff more time to concentrate on the essentials. On top of this, document storage costs are reduced because a considerably smaller storage area is required.

What is less well‐known, but nevertheless at least just as relevant, are factors such as beer security control, or new options for monitoring use of documents. You decide at all times who can have access to which document. Then there is also the improvement in customer satisfaction, as a result of fast response times. A further ‐ and not insignificant ‐ argument for our electronic content management solution is compliance with statutory requirements, since we help your organisation to minimise the financial or legal risks which can be caused by lost, damaged or improperly used information. Thanks to FileDirector, complying with the data protection provisions on retention periods and destruction of documents becomes child’s play.

Whether FileDirector express, FileDirector SBE, FileDirector Enterprise or FileDirector Cloud, Spielberg has the right solution waiting for you. Talk to us about how we can make your documents more secure, whilst saving you money.


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With FileDirector the capture, classification and distribution of documents is fast and more efficient. FileDirector is based on a modular system, which allows you to tailor your own solution, and as the company grows FileDirector can fully adapt to meet your demands.

The solution delivers fast and reliable capture scanning options through the connectivity between FileDirector, universal high‐speed and TWAIN drivers. Additionally, FileDirector provides integrated scanner drivers for several Canon, Epson, Panasonic and Plustek models. It’s capability to perform intelligent searches makes precise and speedy retrieval easy.

FileDirector uses the most recent security mechanisms and is a powerful add‐on for the modern enterprise.


FileDirector is a modular solution and is therefore ideally suited to all types and sizes of business, for self‐employed person up to the multi‐national companies.

FileDirector is in use daily in all types of industries and all types of companies. Several national government contractors rely on it in key central divisions and major charities keep track of all their incoming and outgoing paper work.

With audit trail and version control, plus retention processing, FileDirector ticks all the regulatory boxes. Add the flexibility to connect with your line of business applications and you have the complete end to end solution for your business.


FileDirector works with Active Directory accounts, so there is no need to maintain a separate user database.

What a user is allowed to see and do in FileDirector is down to the permissions they have been given. Documents are stored in cabinets, which can be sub‐divided into document types, and index fields are associated with each document type. A user can be given access to a cabinet, but may not have access to all the document types within that cabinet. Additionally, a user may be able to create and edit documents within one document type, but only view documents in another.

Day to Day

Retrieving documents is a simple task. Type in what you are looking for into the index fields, and you’ll get a list of documents back, which you can then view. Viewing documents cannot be more straight forward. Just doubleclick on the document record, and it will be opened.

FileDirector supports a wide range of different file formats. You can easily browse through pages, view thumbnails, and look at any previous versions, if it has been revised. You can also open and look at several documents at once.

Finding Documents

Of course, FileDirector provides several simple but effective options for finding documents.

You can search across a whole cabinet for the information you are looking for or just within a single document type. Either, just use the index fields that have been defined within the cabinet, each of it providing a range of parameters that can be set to do specific match searches, wildcard or range searches.

With the optional full text OCR installed, you can also search in the document for a word or phrase. The results will be displayed in order of ranking and highlighted on the document.

Legal Regulations

For some years now, the term “regulatory compliance” has been an essential part of the day today language used by companies listed on the stock market. The most well‐known is probably the Sarbanes‐Oxley Act, which came about partly as a reaction to the Enron scandal and bankruptcy.

FileDirector provides comprehensive support for permanently upholding compliance requirements in the area of document management. One of the FileDirector groups does not by default give them access to any of the data stored in FileDirector.

Integration Made Simple

FileDirector integrates with outstanding ease into your existing application environment. No maner what applications you use we are sure to have the right solution to hand to link in those applications. Whether that requires a standardised link, a link via the web‐server integrated in FileDirector, or an interface to your SAP system.

The WebServer is a constituent part of FileDirector that you can integrate into your intranet or into the company’s website. It allows you to grant either any guest on your website or particular customers to have access to the respective documents.

Naturally, the security settings for document access can be adapted to suit your own requirements. FileDirector links can be used to call up documents in FileDirector from a host application and a request can be sent to the WinClient to display existing documents or scan new documents. Specifically‐defined URL templates contain the precise index data each time to be used for the search or the scanning operation.

Features & Requirements

  • 32 or 64 bit operatng systems
  • Microsoft SQL installed via install routine (FD express only)
  • Microsoft SQL or Oracle database
  • Express, Small Business or Enterprise Editions
  • Disaster recovery site replication
  • Full text OCR
  • Barcode and forms recognition
  • Full audit trail
  • Lifecycle management
  • Full version control
  • Microsoft office integration
  • Microsoft Exchange connector (MailStore)
  • SharePoint connector
  • Codeless integraton
  • SAP certified integration
  • BusinessProcessManagement (BPM)
  • Advanced scanning tools
  • Virtual network printer (VNP)
  • Virtual printer (ImagePrinter)
  • Supports TWAIN scanner interface
  • Supports Highspeed scanner interface
  • In built Canon, Epson, Panasonic and Plustek scanner drivers
System Requirements:

FileDirector is a Microso Windows based solution. The server is available for 32 and 64bit operating systems.
IPv6 is supported. The following operating systems are recommended:


Microsoft® Windows® Server 2008 Product family

Microsoft® Windows® Server 2012 Product family


Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Windows 10

Supported Databases

FileDirector requires a SQL database server. The following database systems are supported. Where appropriate the latest service packs have to be installed.


SQL Server 2005 Editions

SQL Server 2008 Editions

SQL Server 2012 Editions

SQL Server 2014 Editions

SQL Server 2016 Editions


Oracle9i® Editions

Oracle10g® Editions

Oracle11g® Editions


Increase Efficiency

Electronic management solution shortens the time required to organise and handle documents within an enterprise significantly. This noticeably more productive and more efficient way of working reduces costs significantly.


Our Clients

Our products FileDirector and Scanfile are proven products in the Australian market.
  • Conveyancing HQ
  • Lavalla Catholic College
  • West State Seafood

BAS-SOL is a boutique accounting practice located in Claremont Western Australia. We have been using FileDirector for over 5 years and last year upgraded to the OCR function. The ability to scan all of our clients paperwork and search for information with either a word search, ABN or Tax File Number has proved invaluable in time saving , efficiency and definitely space saving. No more archive boxes stored off site. The system is easy to use both for scanning and retrieval of information which can be accessed on all of our staff’s desktops. We would not chose to operate without FileDirector

Rosie Davidson / Director