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Web Server

Web Server

Why Web Server

FileDirector WebServer allows users with the appropriate access permissions the ability to search and view documents from any where that has an internet connection using most popular Windows browsers and also Safari on a Mac. The browser client not only has the search function but also full text search.

There is also an inbox for viewing specific documents that are received via a process, these can be commented on, added to and even authorized from the browser. On any Windows‐based machine the browser client has the facility to scan documents on any attached scanner. You can also attach documents from a file on the machine you are using or even create new documents.

In certain installations where the web functionality is sufficient for the day to day use of the system this means there is no need for any additional soware to be installed. This drastically reduces the implementation time, management time and costs.


Access Your Documents from any where using a web Browser.

Electronic Content Management


Easy Integration

Integrate FileDirector browser retrieval functionality into your intranet, or even your corporate web site. This is an easy task with FileDirector’s web retrieval engine which is fully customizable, and can be set to require, or not require security credentials from users, although the documents available can be tightly controlled.

BAS-SOL is a boutique accounting practice located in Claremont Western Australia. We have been using FileDirector for over 5 years and last year upgraded to the OCR function. The ability to scan all of our clients paperwork and search for information with either a word search, ABN or Tax File Number has proved invaluable in time saving , efficiency and definitely space saving. No more archive boxes stored off site. The system is easy to use both for scanning and retrieval of information which can be accessed on all of our staff’s desktops. We would not chose to operate without FileDirector

Rosie Davidson / Director