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Spielberg Solutions Australia launch File Director Version 3.7

Electronic Content Management

Version 3.7 Highlights

FileDirector FormDesigner

The all new, optional FileDirector FormDesigner is a major step forward in reducing paper use in your business.

A graphical user interface makes creation of the forms simple. Textboxes, drop‐down menus or images are easily added, plus the option to add digital signature is also available. You can then publish them to your clients.

The forms can be provided as a link in HTML, PDF format or in FileDirector WinClient.

The informaton contained in the forms is passed to your FileDirector cabinet and can be used for further processes and evaluations.

 Fire Director 3.5 Highlights

FileDirector ExplorerClient

As Windows Explorer is an application in daily use, it is a logical step to combine two information centres—your Windows Explorer and your FileDirector ECM system.

There is no longer the need to have a second application window open when searching for information. Now it doesn‘t matter whether you are searching for documents or

Just use your Windows Explorer with the installed FileDirector ExplorerClient.

Scanner Integration Extended

More scanners have been added to FileDirector.

The recently integrated Panasonic scanners are listed below:

  • KV‐S1027C
  • KV‐S1046C
  • KV‐S5046H

Experience the convenience of our integrated scanner driver.

Improved Security

Now, requirements for newly created FileDirector internal account passwords can be defined in the configuration database.
This allows you to tighten the requirements of your security and password policy when using FileDirector internal accounts.

FileDirector OfficeLink

The FileDirector OfficeLink has been extended to make storing emails even more convenient, when using Microsot Outlook.
You decide which information is stored—the complete mail including all attachments, only the body of a mail or just the




BAS-SOL is a boutique accounting practice located in Claremont Western Australia. We have been using FileDirector for over 5 years and last year upgraded to the OCR function. The ability to scan all of our clients paperwork and search for information with either a word search, ABN or Tax File Number has proved invaluable in time saving , efficiency and definitely space saving. No more archive boxes stored off site. The system is easy to use both for scanning and retrieval of information which can be accessed on all of our staff’s desktops. We would not chose to operate without FileDirector

Rosie Davidson / Director